Paycheck Questions

I haven’t seen my paycheck yet and I worked a bunch of hours last week!

Please look at the pay scheduled that was provided to you in orientation. It works like this: you work two weeks, skip a week, and then the next week is when you get paid. Click HERE to see an explanation on a calendar graphic.  Here is the 2018 Pay Calendar that shows what time frames are paid on what dates.

On Pay Day Mondays checks for licensed guards are only available after 4PM; not before.   They can be picked up any time after that as long as it’s during business hours; including anytime on Tuesdays. They are not available for unlicensed guards until 4 pm on Tuesday.

Will my check be mailed out if I don’t pick it up?

No, your check will only be mailed if you come into the office to fill out a form.  Otherwise it will stay at the office until you pick it up.