HR-Related Questions

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Who is responsible for monitoring your hours for evaluations and guard card reimbursement?

Everyone is responsible for monitoring their own hours for all evaluations and reimbursements.

When are evaluations available to me?

Evaluations are available at 300 licensed hours worked for T.E.A.M. Security, 800 licensed hours worked and 1300 licensed hours worked. After your 1300 hour evaluations you can schedule every 6 months and you must work at least 200 hours within the 6 month period, maintain your license and not taken any leave from the company greater than 1 month to be eligible for an evaluation. You are responsible for tracking and scheduling your evaluations.

How do I schedule for an evaluation?

If you have the appropriate number of hours or are due for your evaluation, contact the receptionist and ask to have a time scheduled. The receptionist will set you up with a time to come in and receive your evaluation.

My friend wants to work here, how can I get them in the door?

Please give your friend an employee referral card and have them call the office between 1100-1700 Monday-Friday to set up a time to fill out an application and interview.

I applied for my guard card, now what?

Your guard card will be submitted to the Department of Public Safety. You can check the status of your application by visiting the DPS licensing website listed below. When your guard card is ready it will be picked up by a T.E.A.M. manager and you will be contacted when it is ready for you to pick up at our office. Please do not call the office to check on the status of your application.  When it says it is “Issued” that means it is ready to be picked up.  “Pending” means it’s been submitted and still in process

If I was certified to carry Pepper Spray(O.C.)/Baton/Handcuffs at my previous job, are those certifications good at T.E.A.M.?

Unfortunately, you will have to attend our training before being approved to carry anything other than the 6 items discussed in orientation. (Water, Flashlight, Field Card, Paper, Pen, and Guard Card) We have to be able to say with 100% certainty that you have received the proper level of training to be considered “certified”.

Do we hire Armed Guards?

We promote Armed Guards from within. The process starts when you submit your letter of intent after working for the company for at least 1 year. If you are approved into the program, we will provide all of the necessary training to obtain the Armed Guard Card.

If I have an Armed Guard Card from my other job, can I work armed for T.E.A.M.?

No. Your Department of Public Safety (DPS) Armed Guard Card is agency specific. Meaning that the company that certified you is printed on your guard card and you may only perform armed security services for the company you are licensed for. To obtain an armed guard card for T.E.A.M. you will have to follow the same steps as a new armed guard applicant. Once your training is completed and you are approved, you may obtain a “duplicate” armed guard card with T.E.A.M. as the agency.

How do I become a supervisor?

Express interest first and foremost.

You will need some experience under your belt and we need to observe the following qualities in the field:

Timeliness: You should not arrive after the people you are supervising; this is important as you should be setting the example.

Leading by Example: Do not ask others to do things that you are not willing to do yourself.

Listening and following directions: The client will tell you what they need and you need to be able to provide that and ask questions for any clarification needed.

Teamwork: You should think of yourself as part of the team and help as needed.

Taking an initiative/Proactivity: If you see a need, don’t wait to be asked to take care of it. If you see a potential issue, bring it up to the client and try to provide solutions of what we can do to make it better.

Going above and beyond: This adds value to our service, for our clients. If you see something like a maintenance issue, let the client know. It’s not our job per se, but it adds value. Or if you see trash that can easily be picked up and doesn’t involve needing gloves, go ahead and throw it away.

Problem Solving: Issues will occur and you need to be able to think on your feet and come up with a solution or take care of the situation.

Customer Service: “Verbal Judo” is a necessary skill in our field. People respond much better to someone treating them like a human being and trying to understand their side of things, versus just being told no and being dealt with in a disrespectful manner. We will still tell them no, but we will listen and reason with them, and tell them why we are telling them no.

Leadership and Empathy: You need to be a part of the team you are supervising, not just someone telling them what to do.